It’s that simple and important — the healing properties of mushrooms are too incredible to keep to ourselves. For every F*!k Cancer blend you purchase, we will gift you another month’s supply to give to somebody battling cancer who can benefit from the magic of mushrooms.



Mushrooms are here to stay!


Morning Routine has been part of life for the last two years. I take it daily as I jet set across the globe for my performances and even with my grueling schedule I haven't had a single cold.

Emma Zander ~Musician


Mushrooms are always one of my favorite foods to cook! When I can't cook I use my Morning Routine powder to take advantage of their wonderful benefits.

Sam Hoke ~Celebrity Chef


I am so happy that the rest of the world is starting to see all the profound benefits of these beautiful, fun little mushrooms.

Melina Vidler ~Actress


I never used to finish my morning coffee. I'd get distracted half way through and it would get cold and I'd toss it. Now, even if it does get cold I look forward to finishing it because I have much more focus and alertness so I can be sure to get more things done, including my coffee.

Freddy parker Jr. ~Massage Therapist